Stubborn Pieces of Clay

In a world
That shouts on the mountaintops
About the wonders of human potential,
It is increasingly difficult
To come to terms
With the limitations
Of being human-
That in the end
We are not God.
No new technology
Will ever make us truly omnipresent
And no passing of legislation
Will ever make us omnipotent
And even the combined knowledge
Of all of mankind will never make us omniscient.
One way that God speaks of His relationship
With us mortals is
As a Potter with clay.
But this clay is not inert-
It has a will of its own
One that struggles to reckon
With the intents and actions
Of the Potter.
We chafe at the idea
Of a God who can cross our will
Who has plans for our lives
That are different from our own
And that its best to trust Him.
We are often
Stubborn pieces of clay
In the Hand of an Almighty God,
Resisting the things that will bless us
And loving our own destruction.
Fortunate are we,
That the Potter is not just skillful
But also extravagantly

Woe to him who strives with Him who formed him,
    a pot among earthen pots!
Does the clay say to Him who forms it, ‘What are You making?’
    or ‘Your work has no handles’?
-Isaiah 45:9 ESV

Give God the right to direct your life,
    and as you trust him along the way,
    you’ll find he pulled it off perfectly!
-Psalm 37:5 TPT


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