Asthma Attack

It creeps up slowly,
Softly at first and then suddenly violent-
One moment you’re going about
Your existence
Hardly aware
That you’re breathing at all,
The next you’re keenly aware
Of how difficult it is getting
For the air to pass in and pass out
Like finding the room
Has shrunk three sizes
Without warning.
As you fumble for your inhaler
You wonder just how many
Bodily functions
You’ve been taking for granted
And mutter a quick prayer of thanks
For good health
And then vaguely remind yourself to eat better.
As you put the inhaler to your lips
And inhale
You pause and ponder how this
Asthma attack
Is a metaphor for life-
How its the loss of things
We take for granted
That can often be the most devastating
And how sweet the relief is
Of finding them again.


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