Ready to talk

When someone is mad at you Or you are mad at them, It sometimes helps to remember that There is more to your relationship than the offending event(s) That seem to taint everything the other person does. That there is something worth fighting for Because if there wasn’t – you wouldn’t be mad. So once […]

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On asking for help

When asking for help, It is useful to remember that It really isn’t about you. Well, of course  in the larger sense it is about you because you are the one doing the asking. But it is also not about you in the sense that it does not make you subservient. It does not make […]

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She did not rob us

She did not rob us (of herself) Of her love, her gifts, her greeting and her contribution.   Whenever we  live and work with other people There is always the risk of being offended, or misunderstood And being taken advantage of. So, many of us take our time before we allow ourselves to open up, […]

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On biting your tongue

Biting your tongue can be useful When you know that you have a mouth full of acid And you will do more harm than good, When you risk saying something racist, sexist and bigoted. So you bite your lip because you realize That what you have to say Need not be said just yet, if […]

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Convenience List

Everyone has one. A list of favorites. People and things that tickle your fancy A bunch of nice things. People that you like. Nothing more. Everyone has one. And indeed we are all entitled to one. The trouble starts when you realize that you didn’t make someone else’s list. That someone didn’t find your particular […]

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On over-thinking things

Sitting for hours. Wracking your brain, Rehearsing clumsy words over and over again As though life has practice days and ‘showtime’ days And that one day we will have it all figured out One day we won’t have to struggle to make it happen. But thats the trouble The bad ideas and the bad days […]

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