Is vulnerable, Often awkward. Its me asking for you to care about me a little bit more For you to show up in my life. A little more. Not to police me, Nor to be my cheerleader But to have my back. To love me up-close To make it personal. To stop knowing me from […]

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There are no words…

For that day When the ones who have taken residence in our lives and hearts Leave. Never to return. There is nothing more to say Just memeories to hold on to. We gasp for breath at the shock of it For we had somehow let ourselves believe that this day would never come That this […]

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Your part, my part

We will not always find ourselves surrounded By people that are worthy of our best gifts and efforts People who never seem to ‘get it’. And so the natural next step is To not do anything more than necessary Because its like casting pearls before swine ‘They don’t appreciate me’ ‘They don’t deserve my best.’ […]

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There is nothing quite like it. A moment when your humanity has failed your divinity When your reasoning fails to rationalize your guilt away And the looming realization that despite your best efforts You are still pretty messed up. A moment when you admit your wrongs And cease to allow them to perpetuate in denial. […]

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I am showing up today. I may not make it, You may not see me But i’ll be here. Creating the opportunity to speak Until i am heard And then keep speaking still. And showing up. Like i did. Today.

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See me

I am more than where I come from. More than the sum total of your biases. The moment you fail to see beyond this Is the moment you have stopped seeing me. Altogether.

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His smile moved across his face like a slow puddle. Slow joy. Steady mirth. This was not a happy-clappy sudden flash of teeth. Indeed few had seen his teeth before. Yet there they were White soldiers of truth Standing in two rows, gradually appearing As the thick folds of his lips Retreated. Slowly. Unforced, albeit […]

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