Bullying your customers

Just because your customer expressed an interest In what you have to offer Doesn’t mean the customer is bound to actually using that service. It simply means they want to know that they must give up in exchange To receive what you have to offer. If you must resort to emotional blackmail To seal the […]

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Good teachers

Are not out there looking for good students, They are looking to make¬†average students great. They know the difference between laziness and the awkwardness that comes with learning anything. They will call you out for not doing your best Even when you’ve done “enough” to get by. They notice when you are tired and can’t […]

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On failing

Its important to look at it And yet not to look at it. Look at what’s happened. Acknowledge it. Feel the burn. Shed the tears. But its also important to find something else to fix your mind on Lest you repeat the mistake and fail again.   Its about you, But its not about you. […]

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The trouble with our insecurities Is that we mix them in with everything we do. And almost every activity we engage in starts meaning more Than what it needs to: Another person’s success is not an occasion for celebration and appreciation, But an opportunity to look at your own life and wonder what the Hell […]

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Self defeat

There is this dirty habit Of replaying our mistakes in our heads Over and over As though to remind us of ¬†the details that we may have forgotten. And while it is important to be self aware, Its super destructive to use these weak moments To tell ourselves ‘who we really are’. Because it becomes […]

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Finding fame and being found

Is really a lucky draw. Unless you are in the rare circumstance Of being born to famous parents. But for the rest of us Being famous is an act of God Or luck. There comes this really strange moment When you first discover someone your age or younger Who has somehow gotten famous and successful […]

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