Proudly African

There is much talk of being proud of our continent and our culture Simply because we come from here. Popular culture has made it appropriate to love your own soil, To never forget where you have come from. But what if your home does not keep you well? What if you are the unwanted child […]

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Your sonship is not a function of your actions but a function of whose son or daughter you are. In Matthew 4 when Satan tempted Jesus, he said that if Jesus was the son of God then He should do such and such, But Jesus had already been called God’s son way before. He didn’t […]

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Second opinion

Getting another perspective Is not an indication that you don’t trust your own But that you appreciate the benefit of another set of eyes and ears Looking at something that’s not so obvious to see And listening in on a conversation that we could have misunderstood. It becomes tricky when we believe that we that […]

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Generosity is a posture

Its either you’ve chosen it Or you haven’t. If you wait till you feel  generous Chances are it will be occasional and only in very unique situations, And you would have missed several worthwhile opportunities along the way. If you are waiting for the candidate with the perfect track record Or that circumstance where you can […]

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Starting fresh on old ground

There’s only so many lessons you can learn from the student’s chair, Quietly listening to instruction from the teacher, Passively receiving insights Drinking in their wisdom Sitting at their feet. But then there come’s a day when your seat is taken in the classroom, And the people you counted on are now counting on you […]

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Strange hand holding

Sometimes the problem is not so much that you are surrounded by incompetent people, Its that you are failing to lead them. Or maybe the reason why you are met with blank stares is because You have stopped listening to those that you lead And you trust no one’s opinion but your own. Maybe the […]

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