Silent protest

You may have rigged the ballot And called it democracy, You may have ┬ácheated the case And called it justice, You may have forced us into submission And called it civilization, You may have gotten away with murder And called it self defense, Condemned the innocent And said that you were just doing your job, […]

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Racing to our knees

There is a journey towards truth, Available to all Where the destination is not building a castle of fame Where we might hide and find a precarious identity, Making a god of our achievements And enslaving our hearts to applause and pomp. No. This is a different race, Where rather than accumulating accolades We are […]

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The cover up

There are those of us who have done our best To keep it all together. We wash our faces regularly Scrubbing hard and rinsing off Bad habits and wrong attitudes Bigotry and laziness have no bearing on our image. And when disappointments come we have learned to disentangle Ourselves from the mess And come out […]

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The Urge

She did not only want to succeed in order to take care of her family, Be a responsible citizen, and make a meaningful contribution; These are the things she told herself are the fuel that drives her. But now that she had made it, it seemed her hunger only grew Somehow she has found herself […]

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Ahh lemons

I have always had a bit of trouble With making lemonade out of lemons Because it suggests that the lemonade will be sweet And there will be a favorable ending, But what if there isn’t? What if despite all the sugar you put in,  The freakin’ lemonade is still very bitter?! What then? The so-called […]

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School of fools

The school of fools A class of men dominated by their fears, So adamant in their arrogance That it ┬áleads to their ultimate ignorance; Ignorance of heart more than of mind Knowing so much about so little That they have convinced themselves that nothing else exists. A room full of blind men Boasting of their […]

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The question remains

Long before the applause began The artist was busy at her craft Working with her tools Figuring things out. For she knows that the audience will come and go But the work will remain. Inspiration flows and ebbs Coming in and out like the tide But there on her table will lie the paintbrush and […]

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