Every step feels like falling

Every path is narrowEvery sentence hurts to be saidEvery smile is forcedMy feet tread on eggshellsMy chest falls in sighsMy tears on tap.Every step feels like fallingBecause these steps are not my own.I’m counting on His words being trueOn this cross being worth itOn the reward being realAnd on Hands being there to catch meWhen […]

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My true love is in the sky

Beyond the cloudsAbove the crapToo deep for fluff.His smile is brighter than the sunHis moods don’t swing.His back is never turnedHis Hands are always tender.He is not as far as He seemsHe doesn’t miss a thingHe’ll never get over me –I’m always seen. Satisfy me in the morning with your steadfast love-Psalm 90:14

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God is bedrock

A mountain under my feet. My anxieties cannot sink this deep My fears have no such formidable foundations. Make peace with your wives  Make firm your hands for battle  Imbibe your home with truth and love And move out into the world  Steady and secure  For God is bedrock  Under your feet. 

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Prayer for mental health

LORD God,God over my mindDesigner of my imaginationNot a thought occurs to meWith You knowingNot an inklingGoes by without You seeing.Yet anxiety drips all over my soulLike acid rainSouring my sleepAnd denigrating my waking hours.My thoughts have plunged me deepInto places so darkThey have ceased to scare me.I am too tired to tryToo worn out […]

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I have never walked alone

He was right thereWhen my feet swept the streets in the darkness.He sat with meWhen no one else would.When I was overlookedHe gazed upon me with intent.When I lost all my friendsHe called me by name.When I was deeply misunderstoodHe saw me.When I felt alone in the crowdHe singled me out for Himself.Distant lands and […]

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The business of redemption

We cannot redeem ourselves.There is no soap strong enoughTo scrub our pastNot enough self-help and motivational contentTo unquestionably alter our trajectoriesThere isn’t enough self-care in the worldTo truly make ourselves whole.Our stories didn’t need edits-They needed to be re-toldPowerfully re-weavedDecisively remastered,Where the marks we’ve made with our failuresAre met with the indelible strokesOf a Master […]

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Here again

In deep need of mercyAching for graceFor Something bigger than meTo get me outside of meAnd help me see that my fearsDon’t actually blot out the sun.When earth’s darkest dayGives way to earth’s darkest nightThere will be OneWho will do more than merely gentrify the darkness.No.He has waded into our sadnessImmersed Himself in our filthHe […]

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More than yesterday

This journey with GodIs not a walk towardsIncreasing independenceAs though He were a teacherWho is expectant that one dayI’ll graduate to a lifeWithout need of Him.In HimThere is no coming of age,No handling of my businessApart from Him,No upgrade to self-sufficiencyTo a life embedded in the self-will.To walk with the FatherIs to know you are […]

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The Table

There’s nothing as indomonitableAs the calm of the soul.A steadiness that resistsUnion with oblivionA warm seatIn the face of a blizzard.There’s a promised tableThat is setIn the midst of enemiesAnd on it sits a feastOf treasures that defy our povertyAnd delights that contradict our miseryYou see, the goodness of GodNeed not be warmed up toCleaned […]

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