Owning your toxicity

Good excuses have a limitAnd there are a finite numbers of fingersYou can use to point at others.There are, however,Infinite possibilities that arise fromOwning your toxicity.Your attitudeYour lack of gratitudeAnd the way in which you allow the pastTo play out in your present story.This is where the adventure of your life resides-What will you do […]

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Light up a dark roomOr burn down the whole thing-The choice is yours.Coming from povertyIs not a prelude to corruption,Broken families don’t singularly serve as the substrateFor a broken life-It is only paraffin.Cards dealt,Not destiny secured.In the end He will not ask usWhat brand of paraffin was usedOr how fairly it was distributedBut only what […]

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On days when I have no soft landingYou are the cosmic pillowWhere I can lay my head.On nights where tears won’t stop flowingYour Hand finds its wayTo cradle my soul,When my faults have overtaken meYou come running with mercyThat outpaces my sorrow.Here in the cragsWith nowhere else to turnI know You see my gentle frameAnd […]

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Sunday Confidence

We do not find confidence in a good circumstanceBut in a good God.The money in the bank will flutterLike the wings of a restless bird –She will not perch on your shoulder forever.The regard of men is a shrinking resourceFor no matter how loud the applauseIt will eventually peter out.There is no firmer footing thanSunday […]

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The Gospel of Self

He has invited us to come and let our broken selves die.  We have chosen to nurse the monsters within us. He asked us to give up our lives We feel obliged to submit to no one. He has shown us that we need saving We have decided to try save ourselves.  The Gospel of […]

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A nation of constraints

A land of great promise.A nation teeming with potential.Raising up a generation that isYet to see this promise fulfilled,Far from seeeimg the good of all these so-called possibilities,The bread basket has been emptyFor a while nowYet somehow there are some among us who are bloated from consumption.This is what it’s like to be raised inA […]

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The Almighty Dollar

Hail hail. All glory be To the Almighty Dollar That validates me. Nothing can keep a soul chasing  Or a heart pining Quite like money.  What else can elevate you to the stars  When you possess it  And leave you for dead in the dumps  In its absence? Is there a more potent drink known […]

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