Living in a blind spot

It is far, far easierTo see the faults of othersMuch, much clearerThan our own.We are not as wiseAs we thinkAnd we are not surroundedBy so many fools as we advertise-No,We are living in a blind spotWhere the grace we afford ourselvesIs too costly to share with othersAnd the wounds we inflictAre infinitely and unequivocally smallerAnd […]

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Anxiety is not a seat-belt

It will not stop the freight train of lifeFrom chugging through your neighborhoodAnd taking you on a journeyYou may never quite understandExcept in retrospect..Most of reality will always remainOutside of your controlNo matter how hard you wish otherwise,And it might take you a whileTo accept this.Despite how strangely comfortingIt may feel to worry about the […]

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Time is short

So why live under pressure?Why demand that every momentBe unbelievably high?Or that every effort adds up in a wayThat immediately makes sense?Unrealistic expectationsInvite deep disappointments –So why spend the little time you haveBrushing aside the daily flecks of wonderIn pursuit of golden gourdsAt the end of elusive and potentiallyNon-existent rainbows?The time is short-Reach as high […]

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Foot shooting

Self-sabotage is real.Upward mobility is no straight line.We do not always have our ownBest interests at heart.From climate change to personal addictionLike a moth to the flameWe don’t always knowHow to steer clear of self-inflictedDisaster.Shooting ourselves in the footAs it turns out,Is far more naturalThan it seems.

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Here again

In deep need of mercyAching for graceFor Something bigger than meTo get me outside of meAnd help me see that my fearsDon’t actually blot out the sun.When earth’s darkest dayGives way to earth’s darkest nightThere will be OneWho will do more than merely gentrify the darkness.No.He has waded into our sadnessImmersed Himself in our filthHe […]

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Sore spots

Suffering is universalThough it is not symmetrically distributed.One misfortuneSets one woman back a few steps,No biggieAnd that same misfortune wipes another out –Never to bounce back.Yet comparing woundsNever healed anyone.Sore spotsAre proof of our humanity,Evidence of life’s fragility,And most importantly,Reminders that humans,No matter their station,Should be handled with care.

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Long enough

If you sit there long enoughYou might come to seeThat the world is bigger than your problemsAnd it will keep spinning on its axisWith our without you.If you love for long enoughYou will come to know that being ‘right’ is overratedAnd it is better to simply beWith the ones you loveThan win in every circumstance.If […]

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Finding your place

Is surprisingly hard in this life.It’s harder than it looksTo get up from under the weightOf placing yourself at the axis of reality,To live as though the circumstances of your lifeDon’t blot out the Sun.Indeed it is humanTo place yourself at the center of a narrative.It is not easy to acceptThat you are a created […]

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Retail Joy

The promise of the retail storeIs that sitting on their shelvesIs the thing your heart has been yearning forAll along,All you need is cashAnd you too will be care-freeWind in your hairLiving your best life,But how much happinessCan you actually buy?There are hard limits to whatRetail joyCan really deliverAnd even its greatest offerringsFall far, far […]

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