Every step feels like falling

Every path is narrowEvery sentence hurts to be saidEvery smile is forcedMy feet tread on eggshellsMy chest falls in sighsMy tears on tap.Every step feels like fallingBecause these steps are not my own.I’m counting on His words being trueOn this cross being worth itOn the reward being realAnd on Hands being there to catch meWhen […]

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Other people’s issues

It surely can’t be goodTo be so consumedWith other people’s issues,So acutely awareOf every inflection of pride,Having an internal radarThat’s always on the lookoutFor any signs of other people’s selfishnessOr unseemly behavior.What kind of a person do you becomeWhen you police morality?Will we all be better for itIf you become our watchdog of “righteousness”?Surely your […]

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Anxiety is not a seat-belt

It will not stop the freight train of lifeFrom chugging through your neighborhoodAnd taking you on a journeyYou may never quite understandExcept in retrospect..Most of reality will always remainOutside of your controlNo matter how hard you wish otherwise,And it might take you a whileTo accept this.Despite how strangely comfortingIt may feel to worry about the […]

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Boats to Tarshish

If you dwell on other people’s faultsFor long enoughIt gets easierTo handle them with an iron claw,To wish for their punishmentMore than their redemption,To hold them to a stricter standardThan you could ever bear,To magnify their failures’Til they blot out the sun.Boats to TarshishWill always be available:An opportunity for offence to grow legsAnd for hateful […]

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Not knowing as a resource

Despite what Google would have you believeNot knowing is actually a resource,A gift even.To not already know what someone is going to sayKeeps you on the edge of your seatWaiting for each sentence,Not knowing for sure how difficult the work isKeeps you from quitting upfront.Not knowing every part of the pathKeeps you from walking foolishly.Not […]

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More than yesterday

This journey with GodIs not a walk towardsIncreasing independenceAs though He were a teacherWho is expectant that one dayI’ll graduate to a lifeWithout need of Him.In HimThere is no coming of age,No handling of my businessApart from Him,No upgrade to self-sufficiencyTo a life embedded in the self-will.To walk with the FatherIs to know you are […]

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Stubborn Pieces of Clay

In a worldThat shouts on the mountaintopsAbout the wonders of human potential,It is increasingly difficultTo come to termsWith the limitationsOf being human-That in the endWe are not God.No new technologyWill ever make us truly omnipresentAnd no passing of legislationWill ever make us omnipotentAnd even the combined knowledgeOf all of mankind will never make us omniscient.One […]

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Watching the wind

God called manTo be stewards of His creationTo name the animals He madeTo inhabit the earth He createdTo be sowers of seed-Not watchers of windNor foretellersOf what will succeedAnd what will fall to pieces.There’s something aboutSowing seedThat demands trust.For every crop that has everBeen producedWe have only sown the seed,And done our best to nurture […]

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Point of view. The unique way in which The world makes sense to you. No one can taste life on your behalf, Grasp your opportunities as strongly Feel your losses as deeply. Reputable things aren’t only done by those with a reputation, Insights don’t only belong to those with years under their belt Wisdom is […]

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