It’s not the Olympics

It’s life.
For most of us,
We typically don’t spend years of targeted training
For specific events in the future that
Culminate in highly dramatic moments when
Our well thought out preparation
Meets situations we have anticipated
And even rehearsed.
Life itself is a curve ball.
We may have imagined
What might happen
If a global pandemic broke out
But none of us were prepared
To live through it.
To love through it.
To keep our spirits up
As it drags on,
To see the end in sight
Yet not let our guard down,
To keep the storms outside
From breaking into our very souls.
Technology and medicine
Have helped a lot,
And we may have had the benefit
Of history,
With protocols and plans in place,
But there is no escaping
That for the most part,
We were not ready this.
Not in real life,
With all the parts
We didn’t see coming.
This isn’t the Olympics.
It’s life.


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