Cold cuts

Some meals are best served cold:SaladsPina coladaAnd your opinion.Your heated perspectiveLikely isn’t the whole pictureAnd if you’d just wait for it to coolYou might findThat cold cuts are easierOn the palateFor everyone concerned.

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A few minutes of pride

Can multiply discord In ways so shocking  They can numb you to silence  By their resulting  magnitude.  When you lose sight of your own flaws Because of the shortcomings of others You thrust yourself into  A house of illusions  Where your wounds deserve to be licked No matter the blows on others you inflict. 

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Emotional ROI

What will you spend your time on tonight?Where will your mind’s eye linger?Attention compounds:Spend what’s left of today’s mental energyOn the failures of othersAnd it will pay off in a heart full of grime,Cast your mind on the blessingsYou overlooked todayAnd you might find that your life doesn’t suckAfter all.

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Substitute Saviors

Her armsTheir applauseThe caress of my ego.There are many many placesMy heart tends to run toIn search of salvationAnd it comes up empty every time.Surely if I was going to save myselfI would have done so by now. Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to […]

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Battles and blessings

At any given momentAt any given timeThere are blessings falling downAnd there are battles being primedEach night brings back familiar horrorsAnd each morning new treasures are found,In the same day your face can shine brightly in the sunAnd later have that same face dragged along the ground.This is our fateAs a species in this worldTo […]

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Other people’s issues

It surely can’t be goodTo be so consumedWith other people’s issues,So acutely awareOf every inflection of pride,Having an internal radarThat’s always on the lookoutFor any signs of other people’s selfishnessOr unseemly behavior.What kind of a person do you becomeWhen you police morality?Will we all be better for itIf you become our watchdog of “righteousness”?Surely your […]

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Paper trail of caring

Friend, We have not always been ready for each other.Despite your tough exteriorsYou have been a safe spaceEven when my pain turned my tongueInto a slimy pit of poisonThat you endured more frequentlyAnd ferciously thanAnyone should put up with.And when you hid behindA forcefully cheerful demeanourResponding every time with‘Blessed and highly favoured’,Your pride getting the […]

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Given enough time

Every pressing issue will lose its teeth.  The pain won’t always cut so deep Problems that once blot out the sun  Will slowly fade from view.  Time may not always heal  But it will at least provide some distance. 

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Substitutes for honesty

Are glaringly inadequate.Forced relationshipsBorn out of neediness;Enormous family riftsThat grow with every passing year of noisy conversations that reek of the unspoken conversations underneath;Entire careersBuilt on the back of proving a point.When we fail to be honestWe benefit our delusionsAt the expense of who we really are.Here we are no longer real peopleWith real hopes […]

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