Feast and famine

When the lights are on usAnd our cause is in the newsIt feels as thoughThe wheels of history are turningIn our favorAnd will always do so.But the megaphone of our cultural momentIs also coupled with a strange kind ofAttention Deficit DisorderWhere the chronic problems of our worldHave been reduced to click-bait and sound bitesMaking them […]

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Wasting time

ScrollingIs sadly therapeutic.Those ten second clipsCan turn into hour long bingesThat make for easy entertainmentSomething other than your problems to think aboutOffering you a seat into someone else’s comedyPrecisely because your own life is no laughing matter.Wasting timeScrollingIs sadly therapeutic.

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What are you looking for on the internet?

Omnipresence?No matter how good the interfaceYou can still only ever beFully in one place at a time.Omnipotence?While the digital age has made usMore powerful than any previous generationThere are still glaring limitsTo our humanity.Omniscience?There are some things you cannotCome to knowBy simply Googling themRegardless how hard you search.Distraction?Delight?Escape?Many of us have found a world onlineThat […]

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What is it about the human experienceThat so many of us seek numbness?Continuously looking for an escape from our reality?Hunting for distractionsAs an essential resource,Reaching for somethingAnythingTo take us somewhere,AnywhereBut here.Anesthesia, it seems,Is the drug of choiceFor our generation,On our grand pursuit of happiness-Even if it can only be foundIn the temporary, makeshiftWorlds of forgetfulness, […]

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Baseline of Civility

When we disagreeIs everything now in question?Are we just one conversation awayFrom being sworn enemies?One false stepFrom being cancelled?Perhaps one of the greatest disappointmentsOf modern lifeAnd life on the internet,Is that while we can nowRub up against a mind-numbinglyVast number of peopleThat we would have never encounteredOutside of the Internet,We are alsoRemarkably willingTo throw in […]

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Itchy Fingers

He hadn’t realisedThat he’d been using technologyTo medicate his pain.Reaching for his phoneFor a song that would drown outHis quiet desperation,Bingeing TVAs a means of escaping realityOnly to find that he is still himselfWhen the credits roll.His fingers itchedNot for another hand to hold-But a screen to tapAnd pixels to stare at,Subconsciously hoping that maybeThe […]

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Expecting Miracles

In a world of ultra convenienceWe seem to have acquiredA strange new strand of impatience,Getting madWhen things that were onceInconceivable for human beingsDon’t happen for usOn demand.These devices in our pocketsBring us promisesOf the truly miraculousEvery morning:Access to ‘private’ conversations around the globe,Endless streams of knowledgeSeemingly bottomless pools of possibility-Until our geographical realitySlaps us in […]

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Role Play

What happens  When our virtual lives Come to play in the real world? Can they? Is it possible  For the content we’ve consumed And the contributions we’ve made online  To nudge us to becoming a people  With temperaments that are better suited  For the Internet  Than actual reality?  We live as double agents One foot […]

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Hollow Jewel

A life that sparklesOnly on the surfaceWith more hypeThan substance,Where success comesToo quicklyToo easilyWithout depthWithout patienceWithout a need for GodOr other people-Such a lifeMay dazzle for a timeBut in the end is aHollow jewelOr worse stillA counterfeit.Contrasted to an existence that isHewn out of struggleWith promises that tarry,Forged in the fireThat faith requiresProduces something closerTo […]

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