Being Vulnerable

Makes plain

Some of the complexity

Of being human.

It’s one thing for another person

To know that you have

‘Problems in general’

And quite another for someone

To be intimately familiar with your weakness.

Perhaps now that you’re vulnerable,

People won’t idolize you like you

Secretly hoped they would,

And your imperfections

Won’t be vague anymore,

But will now be tangible,

Even palpable.

Maybe the world will judge you,

And you may let some people down

Who hoped like hell that

You had no real shortcomings.

But you do.

And maybe then you will realize

That up until now, all people could see

Was the gifts you offered

The services you rendered

And the way you made them feel.

But once they see

That your blood bleeds red


Then they will finally just

See you.

And maybe that’s better.


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