A few minutes of pride

Can multiply discord In ways so shocking  They can numb you to silence  By their resulting  magnitude.  When you lose sight of your own flaws Because of the shortcomings of others You thrust yourself into  A house of illusions  Where your wounds deserve to be licked No matter the blows on others you inflict. 


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Battles and blessings

At any given momentAt any given timeThere are blessings falling downAnd there are battles being primedEach night brings back familiar horrorsAnd each morning new treasures are found,In the same day your face can shine brightly in the sunAnd later have that same face dragged along the ground.This is our fateAs a species in this worldTo […]

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The best blog of the year

Probably isn’t the one you think.It may not have a lot of likesAnd it might take a whileBefore you see itBut the blogs you wrote this yearHelped a heart make it through the nightStopped a downward spiral of self-decayAnd became the very words of somebody’s anthem.Don’t let the metrics rule you-Write, for goodness sake, write;We […]

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The whining soul

Rushes to the conclusionThat God has abandoned itAnd that there legionsOf ill-meaning forcesAnd people in this worldWorking in concertTo make its life unbearable.The whining soulDoes not speak clearlyLest its complaint be metWith air and lightThat might exposeHow flimsy its grievances actually are.No-The whining soulInsists on mumbling in the shadowsWhere no real soundnessCan be found.

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Loyalty to your flaws

Consistency is overrated. You are not obligated  To your past mistakes. Just because you chose poorly with flair Doesn’t mean you have a commitment  To doing so over and over again.  We do not have to be what we have always been. Do better. 

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Itching for more

Aren’t you tired of the same old arguments? The familiar narratives about the world  And your place in it? Cynicism is heavy And ‘seeing through everything’ Gets old after a while.  You are not obligated  To perpetuate your poorest choices- The future makes no such demands. You’re itchy And you’ve been that way for a […]

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On counting your blessings

How else do you fight the thoughtsOf your life being ‘not enough’?When your mind fixatesOn the things you do not haveAnd magnifies your sense of inadequacyIt turns you in on yourselfSpurring you to spend your daysPlaying catch-up to no end.Counting your blessingsOne by oneIsn’t cheeseyIt isn’t an exercise in vanityOr a hack for momentary happiness.No.Counting […]

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Your place

Isn’t empty, its waiting for you.Doesn’t have to be earnedBut it does need to be fought for.Can’t be taken from youBut can definitely be neglectedIs the right fitBut you’ll have to grow into it.Other people may not see itAnd for significant periods of your lifeIt may be hidden from youBut if you ever enoucnter itYou […]

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I’m getting older

I don’t always have to win.Sometimes just being here is enough.Sleep is better than TV now.Friendship is complicated-Don’t get me started about the perplexity that is romance.Family is really, really messyBut really, really important.People’s opinions are just opinions.My friends are complaining about back pain.I can genuinely smile in the mirror these days.Phone calls with Mama […]

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Not knowing as a resource

Despite what Google would have you believeNot knowing is actually a resource,A gift even.To not already know what someone is going to sayKeeps you on the edge of your seatWaiting for each sentence,Not knowing for sure how difficult the work isKeeps you from quitting upfront.Not knowing every part of the pathKeeps you from walking foolishly.Not […]

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