Clean thoughts

Aren’t easy to come by.
A lot of our clearest insights
Often get caught up with our insecurities
And we end up writing and saying things
Incredibly far removed from what we really meant to say.
Its all too easy to simply repeat
Scripts we’ve been rehearsing
And reinforce ideas that make us look good,
Communicating as though
We’ve figured human existence out.
Or maybe we convince ourselves
That our voice really doesn’t matter
So the confident roar in our chest
Comes out as a suggestive squeak.
Sometimes we’re too eager to please
To impress
To have someone notice us,
That a lot we say or write
Is horrendously performative
If not downright tacky.
What’s worse is that we often edit out
The truth our hearts actually carry
In order to present a more palatable
Version of ourselves.
Clean thoughts – the ones that make a point
Without trying to prove a point,
Are hard to come by and
Are hard to crystallize,
But O, what rubies
They turn out to be.


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