For the love of the pen

Not for your applause.Not for my name in lights.Not for my ego to be strokedBut because words can be beautiful scrapsFor making music out of silenceAnd silencing demons in my head-Today is blog number one thousand.A thousand times I doubtedAnd showed up against my better judgment,A thousand times I wonderedIf anyone would even careAnd then […]

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The best blog of the year

Probably isn’t the one you think.It may not have a lot of likesAnd it might take a whileBefore you see itBut the blogs you wrote this yearHelped a heart make it through the nightStopped a downward spiral of self-decayAnd became the very words of somebody’s anthem.Don’t let the metrics rule you-Write, for goodness sake, write;We […]

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Growth comes quietly

Growth is not heroic.It is not often dramatic.Not often incentivized. A large chunk of it happensFar from any camera lens or microphone.Like the bones of an adolescentSilently elongating overnight,Growth comes quietly-In decisions better madeSelf-destructive tendencies quietly strangledFragile hopes gently nourished.Do not underestimate the need for patienceAnd quiet introspection –For it is there that great things […]

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On showing up to write

I am not here because I feel like it.I am here because it matters.I am not here for people to applauseI am here to make my thoughts coherent.I am not here to make up for the days I didn’t writeI am here because today’s words need to be writtenAnd there are people who need them.This […]

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Writing about freedom

Is not the same as being free.There’s a lot of thingsThat if I wrote about themWould render me cowardOr a hypocriteBecause my pen is more fluentThan my actual voice.Its true, sometimes the words on the pageFeel rapturousTranscendent,But then the paragraph comes to an endAnd the things I’ve been avoidingAre still waiting for me.Writing about freedomIs […]

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Writing as brick-laying

The requirement for decent writingIs not to show up inspiredWith an idea for the ages;Something the world has never seen.NoWriting is not a function of the egoAs though every letter must beTouched by an angelBefore appearing on the page.Writing is brick-layingDiligently showing upWith the words in the mindAnd the rhythms of the soulWithout pomp or […]

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Writing for longevity

So much of what’sEating us alive todayWon’t even be a footnoteA year from now.But the words we craftCan matter far beyond the momentThat led to their existence.We do not write to pass the timeBut to capture itAnd put it in a bottleFor our future self to read.Our words will outlive usReaching places our feet may […]

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Clean thoughts

Aren’t easy to come by.A lot of our clearest insightsOften get caught up with our insecuritiesAnd we end up writing and saying thingsIncredibly far removed from what we really meant to say.Its all too easy to simply repeatScripts we’ve been rehearsingAnd reinforce ideas that make us look good,Communicating as thoughWe’ve figured human existence out.Or maybe […]

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Rise and Fall

The great stuffRarely just fallsOut of the skyInto my lapOnto the page.It usually risesOut of my bellyWhere anxiety likes to sit,Rising out of my bodyCoaxed out by the mechanical actOf scribbling thoughts onto paperThen passing through a gauntlet of self doubtLike acid reflux in an oesophagusPainstakingly coming to the surfaceTo form a working documentRevealing for […]

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Perfect blogs

I am appalledBy how much I still reachFor something my penHas never promised-Perfection.My pen is only obligatedTo faithfully glide across the page,To make my ethereal ideas tangibleFor my wondering thoughts to find a destination.The pen is mightyBut it cannot bear the weightOf my expectationThe words stretch highBut they are unlikely to scale the heightOf human […]

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