Cold cuts

Some meals are best served cold:SaladsPina coladaAnd your opinion.Your heated perspectiveLikely isn’t the whole pictureAnd if you’d just wait for it to coolYou might findThat cold cuts are easierOn the palateFor everyone concerned.

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Substitutes for honesty

Are glaringly inadequate.Forced relationshipsBorn out of neediness;Enormous family riftsThat grow with every passing year of noisy conversations that reek of the unspoken conversations underneath;Entire careersBuilt on the back of proving a point.When we fail to be honestWe benefit our delusionsAt the expense of who we really are.Here we are no longer real peopleWith real hopes […]


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Clean thoughts

Aren’t easy to come by.A lot of our clearest insightsOften get caught up with our insecuritiesAnd we end up writing and saying thingsIncredibly far removed from what we really meant to say.Its all too easy to simply repeatScripts we’ve been rehearsingAnd reinforce ideas that make us look good,Communicating as thoughWe’ve figured human existence out.Or maybe […]

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