Writing for ‘likes’

Isn’t always as tacky
As it sounds.
Sometimes the feedback I get
About my writing
Is just what I need
To sit down and write again tomorrow.
Not many of us
Can truly live our lives
Not caring about
Whether or not our work resonates;
Most of us relish
Positive feedback-
And that’s not an indication
That we’re shallow.
Its just nice to know
That I’m not randomly
Shooting out words
Into the universe,
Sentences aimlessly flittering
Through the cosmos
Looking in vain for a mind
To rub up against,
Tumbling through the unseen recesses of the internet,
Destined to never collide
With another human heart.
No. I want my words to mean something
To someone else,
I want them to be ‘liked’.
Sure, the ‘likes’
Shouldn’t be my guiding star
But let me not forget
Who my writing is for.
If I’m going to publish my work
Then surely these words
That I’ve intentionally left on the page
Are for real life, complicated
And so I shouldn’t be embarrassed
To confess that it really is encouraging
To know that these words
Leapt from my heart
Landed on this page
And then lit up a fire
Into someone else’s heart.


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