Failing to be gracious

Says a lot about you
And not as much about
The person you are dealing with.
The harshness of your tone
The sharpness of your tongue
The speed of your conclusions.
What we often forget
Is that we are able
To bring the worst out of people
By how we treat them;
That our projected
Low expectations of others
Opens a door
For a self fulfilling prophecy-
You expect less of people
And proactively treat them
With less respect,
They pick up on your disrespect
And choose to
Proactively push back.
None of us
Are pure observers of human nature,
We too, have played our part
In the general milieu
Of our collective emotional existence.
And your lack of grace
May just be the final rancid ingredient
That sours the melting pot
Of your community.
Just be gracious.


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