Hard questions

Are not asked by peopleThat don’t care.Nor are they evidenceThat you don’t belongAnd they do not have to be interpretedAs attacks on your identity.Hard questionsAre proof that you are surroundedBy people that care too muchTo see you suckAnd who have tied their successTo your own,Who have eyes to seeWho you really areWhen your own perspectivesLead […]

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Generic Advice

Generally sucks. If you actually care  About the person you are about to  “Educate” Pause and consider  If you actually know them, Or have a sense of the world they inhabit. Do you care enough  To listen before you pontificate  Your tried and true insights? As you lay out your vision  For how their life […]

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Writing for ‘likes’

Isn’t always as tackyAs it sounds.Sometimes the feedback I getAbout my writingIs just what I needTo sit down and write again tomorrow.Not many of usCan truly live our livesNot caring aboutWhether or not our work resonates;Most of us relishPositive feedback-And that’s not an indicationThat we’re shallow.Its just nice to knowThat I’m not randomlyShooting out wordsInto […]

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