Hollow Jewel

A life that sparkles
Only on the surface
With more hype
Than substance,
Where success comes
Too quickly
Too easily
Without depth
Without patience
Without a need for God
Or other people-
Such a life
May dazzle for a time
But in the end is a
Hollow jewel
Or worse still
A counterfeit.
Contrasted to an existence that is
Hewn out of struggle
With promises that tarry,
Forged in the fire
That faith requires
Produces something closer
To silver refined.
Waiting is not fatal.
And patience is not resignation.
If we do not have
All that we imagined we would
By this time in our lives
It may not be as catastrophic
As it feels-
We may just be getting our
Hollow parts filled
And our impurities
Refined by an
Ancient flame.

I had a dream
I got everything I wanted
Not what you’d think
And if I’m being honest
It might’ve been a nightmare
-Billie Ellish, everything i wanted


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