Substitute Saviors

Her armsTheir applauseThe caress of my ego.There are many many placesMy heart tends to run toIn search of salvationAnd it comes up empty every time.Surely if I was going to save myselfI would have done so by now. Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to […]


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Foreign to your family

The world can clap for youGive you accoladesClaim you as their ownShower you with trophiesFill up stadiums in your honorRead your blogsQuote your contentHang on your every word –But if it all serves toCut you off from your rootsThen it may not be worth it.Few things are more disorientingThan becoming a foreignerTo your own family,Being […]

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A coin in His pocket

We are not expansive enoughTo know how significantOur lives are going to be in the end.Maybe we will be celebratedAnd our efforts will have countedFor generations to come,Maybe our work will be creditedTo another,Maybe we will be cancelled posthumouslyMaybe no will remember us.Either way, we won’t be thereTo make a better case forThe life we […]

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Hollow Jewel

A life that sparklesOnly on the surfaceWith more hypeThan substance,Where success comesToo quicklyToo easilyWithout depthWithout patienceWithout a need for GodOr other people-Such a lifeMay dazzle for a timeBut in the end is aHollow jewelOr worse stillA counterfeit.Contrasted to an existence that isHewn out of struggleWith promises that tarry,Forged in the fireThat faith requiresProduces something closerTo […]

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On making it big

You may never see your name in lights. Or listed on Wikipedia. And maybe I won’t either. In a world of so called endless ‘possibility’, The ‘possibility’ of celebrity is always present But not always probable. Nor is it a useful benchmark For the value we bring to the world. Going viral or getting famous […]

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Finding fame and being found

Is really a lucky draw. Unless you are in the rare circumstance Of being born to famous parents. But for the rest of us Being famous is an act of God Or luck. There comes this really strange moment When you first discover someone your age or younger Who has somehow gotten famous and successful […]

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