Common Denominator

In mathematics

Equations have numerators on top

And denominators at the bottom.

The mathematician is tasked with finding

A common denominator that will help solve the equation.

An equalising factor that will put all the coefficients

On the same level.

Christ Jesus is the common denominator for all men.

He placed all men on a level playing field

When, as God, He came to earth in human form.

The odds had been stacked against us,

We had created imbalances

That we were unable to level out.

From the religious and irreligious

To the rich and poor,

Do-gooders and evil-doers alike

The scales were not sitting quite right.

Til He came

The common denominator,

Splitting not just history but our greatest fears in two

And affording grace to anyone who would take it.

He is the love we truly crave

The peace we earnestly seek

The satisfaction for our souls

The hero we always longed for

The comforter we always needed.

He will set right every wrong

And level the playing fields

Once and for all.




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