Things not going according to “plan”.
We often hold all too dearly to the timetables that we set for ourselves
As we sometimes fail to meet our own expectations or the standards set by our peers.
Though it’s no fun missing a flight, repeating a year of school, growing up with a learning disability or being unemployed for months on end,
Somehow these hiccups are a part of our story.
The gains and the losses.
The perfect days and the perfect storms.
It’s complicated, hard and messy.
Many of us will miss the opportunity to have a perfect life.
But we will all have the opportunity to live a human one.
One with its own fair share of things that are complicated, hard and messy.
There may not always be a moral to the story,
Or a unique opportunity to “bounce back”
Yet it is the deal we have with life
To live with what comes.
Delays included.


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