God made flesh

Imagine the humility  Of a Creator Penning Himself into the story  He’d been writing, Not as a powerful ruler  Resplendent with glory, Nor a scrappy rebel  Raising up a militia, But as helpless babe in Bethlehem In need of milk and warmth And the magic of a mother’s touch. God made flesh- The Most Powerful […]

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Jingle Bells?

Christmas feels differentWhen the peopleYou love aren’t with you.The tree looks smallerWhen you stand next to it alone,The lights don’t seemAs festive as they once wereThe 25th looks likeJust another day on the calendar.Maybe its the fact that the pandemicIsn’t overMaybe its because no one elseWill be there on Christmas morningTo say ‘Merry Christmas’ to.The […]

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Awkward carols

Christmas carols are not typically sung Outside of December. As such, I think we can be forgiven For not getting the cadence and rhythm of the words right As we awkwardly stumble through Long pauses and extended notes In very wordy verses. It’s awkward but still worth doing. You know what else is awkward Around […]

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COVID Christmas

The pandemic isn’t over.Far from it.Some of us didn’t make it.Some of us are stuck in foreign placesSterilized roomsAbusive houses.Some of us can’t be with the ones we love.Some of us are sitting aloneIn silence. In darkness.Isolation.Christmas has always been rough for many-A reminder of what could have been,But isn’t.ChristmasIs not only for the merry;The […]

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Getting into the festive mood

Is a decision. In this part of the world Many people decide from December 1st. And that decision creates a buoyancy That can usually last til January 2nd or so, When we “get back to reality”. But for the duration of the festive period, Many of us subconsciously choose To navigate the world with an […]

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Common Denominator

In mathematics Equations have numerators on top And denominators at the bottom. The mathematician is tasked with finding A common denominator that will help solve the equation. An equalising factor that will put all the coefficients On the same level. Christ Jesus is the common denominator for all men. He placed all men on a […]

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