On failing

Its important to look at it

And yet not to look at it.

Look at what’s happened.

Acknowledge it. Feel the burn. Shed the tears.

But its also important to find something else to fix your mind on

Lest you repeat the mistake and fail again.


Its about you,

But its not about you.

Own your part in the mess up.

Figure out what you did wrong and where you

Could have done better.

But at the same time its not an opportunity

To indulge in self-pity

Nor is it an occasion to become selfish;

You are not suddenly royalty because you are having a tough time.

Sure it hurts, but sadly life goes on either way.


It defines you

And yet it does not.

How you respond to it

May alter the trajectory of your life,

It may hold you back forever

Or it could be the moment you dug deep

And came out stronger.

But no single moment of failure is great enough

To define your entire existence.

Regardless of how bad it is

There is always the possibility to live beyond it

Even if only you alone believe you can.

You are not your failures.


Failure is full of contradiction,

The loss of an opportunity

Leads to a new opportunity.

No other person can ever feel disappointment on your behalf

But it is in such moments that encouragement is most felt

And while there is fear that this failure may be the end of you

There is also stubborn hope that it is not.


And hopefully it isn’t.




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