The trouble with our insecurities

Is that we mix them in with everything we do.

And almost every activity we engage in starts meaning more

Than what it needs to:

Another person’s success is not an occasion for celebration and appreciation,

But an opportunity to look at your own life and wonder what the

Hell is wrong with you.

Mistakes are not just mistakes;

When they are mixed with insecutiry

They are ‘proof’ that our worst fears about ourselves

Are actually true.

Every negative word or comment

Is like the DJ’s favorite track:

Pumped up and on repeat.

Compliments don’t even find a landing place

But rather they bounce off your shoulder

Like tennis balls.

Our insecutities spoil the taste of even good things

Can make us cynical and bitter,

Reluctant to give

Unwilling to grow.

The only way out is to deal with them head on

And stop mixing.



4 thoughts on “Mixing

  1. Ngeke bra, how hasn’t all that wisdom rubbed off on me…thank you so much for sharing, best thing I’ve read in a good while, thank you!!

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