Our work as chiropractors

Matters.Not because we are beholden to a philosophyOr consistent with a guideline-For these are only signposts along the way.Indeed we follow the evidenceNot for its own sakeBut because it points us to a greater reality:The effective, compassionate alleviation of bodily affliction.Our work as chiropractors mattersBecause it is a means by which we add our vote […]

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Balance is over-rated

Because growth is rarely symmetrical.Not all our hopesCan be realized in a single dayAnd we aren’t always chasingThe same things in this life.There are seasonsWhen home is where freedom livesAnd othersWhen home is where your dreams go to die,Times when you have a lot to offer the worldAnd others when all have in youIs space […]

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On making the future possible

There is a element of our workThat waits for the future to happen-A rested posture that acknowledgesThe unexpected nature of reality;Deeply longing for what could beYet making peace with life as it is.And then there is a stance of the soulThat is poised to the knowledge that today isn’t all there is-An expectant crouchAn eager […]

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The future of work

Is not for the rigidOr the small minded.It is for those at warWith the status quoWho can sense that their dream jobsDon’t exist yetBut are beckoning for a pioneerTo take a leap of faithAnd who have the fortitude of heartTo will the future of into existence.

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The anti-jack-of-all-trades.The stubborn specialist.Dealing decisively with just one blowInstead of bluntly swingingWith all the available options.We are generalists to our own demiseTrying to be too muchFor too many peopleAll too often.We triageBecause we can’t be all things to all men-We are scalpels forged for our time,Arrows meant for the heart of one great beast.This world […]

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I’m tired.And maybe this time I should listen.Maybe this time my body won’t bail me outMaybe the work can wait.Rest is not a luxuryAnd the work is not a savior-If the job requires you to not be humanMaybe its not yours to do.

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Why we ran

We were bornOn burning coalsSo standing stillWas unthinkable.We did not run for gloryBut for survival.There were no better alternativesThan our own legs to carry us to freedom.There was no need for a crowdTo cheer for us,Our own fears goaded us on.We needed no promise of a trophy,Just a way out.We were not running towards the […]

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Working Weekends

Sucks.Time lapsesAnd the lines betweenWaking and sleeping blur-My bed is filled with thoughts of workMy desk is littered with yawns and power naps.Folding laundry is suddenly fascinatingMy eye drifts to my phone incessantlyThe weight of the week lies heavy on my shouldersThe dishes are harder to doEveryone else seems to be throwing a partyAnd the […]

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Thankless jobs

Far from being things that demean us Thankless jobs are portals to  Our innermost motivations Often forcing us to ‘dig deep’.  In the absence of an applause  A pat on the back  Indeed even an acknowledgment of your existence, How do you do your work? Is it somehow less significant  If it goes unseen? Is […]

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On believing in your work

How many pats on the backDoes it take for you to believe that you matter?That your contributions count?And once you know itHow much rejection does it takeTo knock you off your square?The battle to believe in your workOften looks like the struggle to believe in yourself.Our work is constantly used as a proxyFor our worth […]

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