The space between our ears

Is a peculiar hinterland
Of wonders and horrors,
Facts and fantasies
Where human consciousness resides
And personality is incubated-
Animating our being
Interpreting our reality,
Making us human.
Many of us have found great canyons there:
The birthplace of ambition
The genesis of great endeavor
The vastness of joy and love.
And at the same time some of us
Have found dungeons more confining than
Any man-made prison:
Trapped by our own logic
Incarcerated by a limiting perspective,
Finding kinship with darkness.
The space between our ears
Is a force of nature
A gift of God
A land that will take years to explore
And a lifetime to understand.
We walk around with entire nations
On our shoulders,
May we find the strength
To cross the rivers
And brave the desserts within us.


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