On making the future possible

There is a element of our workThat waits for the future to happen-A rested posture that acknowledgesThe unexpected nature of reality;Deeply longing for what could beYet making peace with life as it is.And then there is a stance of the soulThat is poised to the knowledge that today isn’t all there is-An expectant crouchAn eager […]

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All we have is perspective

And not the truth.A point of viewAnd not the whole story.We are a people with a sliceAnd not the whole cakeA generation in a cultural moment-We are not exempt from from blind spots.Human wisdom did not culminate with usAnd our icons may be laughable in years to come.And yet we erect monuments to our own […]

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The First of January

Is a loaded day.Deeply hungoverFrom the year beforeWhile keenly awareThat a new season has come.Schedules refresh,New opportunities ariseYet the rule of progressRemains the same:Who you areMatters more than what you do.So as you make plansAnd forge those proverbial resolutionsBe sure to tend to your character;To care not just aboutThe things you will achieve this yearBut […]

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Tiny impressions

Listen well to the quiet whispersOf the backwaters of the soul,The evasive undertones of a melody yet to be sungThe teasing phrases of unwritten scriptsThe seed of a great enterprise yet to be launchedThe inkling that she might be one-Lie mysteriouslyIn the depths of our consciousnessWaiting to be taken a hold ofAnd held fast for […]

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Given enough time

Every pressing issue will lose its teeth.  The pain won’t always cut so deep Problems that once blot out the sun  Will slowly fade from view.  Time may not always heal  But it will at least provide some distance. 

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Time is short

So why live under pressure?Why demand that every momentBe unbelievably high?Or that every effort adds up in a wayThat immediately makes sense?Unrealistic expectationsInvite deep disappointments –So why spend the little time you haveBrushing aside the daily flecks of wonderIn pursuit of golden gourdsAt the end of elusive and potentiallyNon-existent rainbows?The time is short-Reach as high […]

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The business of redemption

We cannot redeem ourselves.There is no soap strong enoughTo scrub our pastNot enough self-help and motivational contentTo unquestionably alter our trajectoriesThere isn’t enough self-care in the worldTo truly make ourselves whole.Our stories didn’t need edits-They needed to be re-toldPowerfully re-weavedDecisively remastered,Where the marks we’ve made with our failuresAre met with the indelible strokesOf a Master […]

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I’m tired.And maybe this time I should listen.Maybe this time my body won’t bail me outMaybe the work can wait.Rest is not a luxuryAnd the work is not a savior-If the job requires you to not be humanMaybe its not yours to do.

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I’m getting older

I don’t always have to win.Sometimes just being here is enough.Sleep is better than TV now.Friendship is complicated-Don’t get me started about the perplexity that is romance.Family is really, really messyBut really, really important.People’s opinions are just opinions.My friends are complaining about back pain.I can genuinely smile in the mirror these days.Phone calls with Mama […]

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