Soft Tissue

Bruises easily,

Hurts a lot,

Crumples under pressure

And is easily overlooked-

The supportive spouse 

Who sacrifices for their partner,

The praying mother 

Who spends her years on her knees

For her son,

The minimum wage worker who wakes up extra early

To give her all for a job

She really should be paid for. 

These are the people 

Who are often taken for granted

When hard decisions are being made,

The ones who we count on

To be there when no one else is,

The ones willing to be 

Personally disfigured 

For the sake of others.

The soft tissue of humanity,

The ones behind the scenes

The ones on the front lines

The ones in our corner

Cushioning the blows of reality-

Note them well

And treat them

With the tenderness

They deserve. 


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