Cannibal – A note to the social justice junky

I am a part of the system
Just as much as you are
I have a right to be here
Just as much as you do.
I also have a right to disagree with you
And still be human.
Don’t forget that the people you demonize
Will not fall off the face of the earth simply because
You called them out,
Nor will they likely change their views
Because of your rants on social media.
Your intolerance of the views
Of people that disagree with you
Make you a hope-filled cynic.
You punt a good message
But god forbid someone does not
Bow down to your shrine of ‘’truth’’.
Your cause is just.
But it is not grounds for self-righteousness.
Regardless of our views
Let us remember each others’ humanity
Lest we cannibalize our movements
And kill off those who do not live by our code


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