What do the dawnFresh dewAnd a new marriageHave in common?Newness.New things are preciousPrecisely because they are new.Nothing stays still for longOn God’s green earth-Not timeNot circumstanceNot the very planet itself.Each day brings something newEvery minute irrevocably different fromThe one before.A storm eventually yieldsTo a new calm,Peaceful streams flow gentlyUntil they cascade into mighty waterfalls.Newness is […]

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She felt like a Friday

Her conversation led so easily  To laughter, Her joy knocked me senseless Til I forgot my sadness And how heavy the week had been. Her hand was small And made me wonder How so much softness Could take residence on a palm. She felt like a Friday Like a load had been lifted By simply […]

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On becoming middle class

She never thought she would climb.She’d always watched her brothers climb-Climb treesClimb wallsClimb up to the roof of their dilapidatedChildhood homeAnd later she watched themClimb up ladders of successReaching ever higherAs though the gravity of their upbringingHad insulted themAnd they were hellbentOn teaching it a lesson.They climbed so highShe could barely recognise themFor while they […]

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Too Easily Pleased

Following God is not a moral, Goody-goody exercise, A regimen of self-serving compliance, Seeking the right combination of good deeds, Abstinence and perfectly phrased prayers In order to ‘secure’ God’s blessing. No. It is the journey of a lifetime. It is finding what our hearts are continually longing for. It is stepping into satisfaction, Walking […]

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Broad strokes

Specificity is expensive.Risky evenClearly stating what you are going afterAnd taking a leap of faith to plunge into itPuts you on the spot,For you and everyone else to seeJust how you’re actually doing.And so, in defence,Its tempting to call yourself a generalistSomeone who paints with broad strokesHappy with whatever you getShowing up whenever you can.Though […]

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