Fancy new buildings

Are often fun to look at
And beautiful to walk in.
They are not too difficult to construct.
With enough cash
And the right people
You can erect quite a spectacle-
A state of the art hospital
A beautiful mall
A school that looks like Hogwarts.
Much harder than this
Is to create a culture
That brings out the very best out of people
No matter their predisposition,
Or create a community with a backbone
With appropriate checks and balanaces,
A fellowship bound around a common cause-
That is not as straightforward.
One of the most unfortunate disparities
In low income settings
Is when large splurges of cash
Are invested in new fancy buildings
Without matching investment in the people
That will populate those very spaces.
When innovations outpace
The collective character of a community,
We are often left with fancy buildings
That are lovely to look at
But ultimatelty don’t feel like home.


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