For the youth

Why is it that youth need to be ‘empowered’?Who were our parents building for all along?We have never been“The next generation” –From the moment we were bornWe had a part to play.They told us to wait and watch.We were children thenAnd now we are adultsAnd it is becoming increasingly obviousHow foolish it is to keep […]


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On ‘selling yourself’

Strange,That we use such languageTo describe self expression,As though ‘being’ humanIsn’t quite enoughAnd that we have to commodify ourselvesTo get ahead.I mean, the ideaOf selling human fleshHas become decidedly repulsiveTo most modern humans,Except, of course,In the case of usSelling ourselves-Positioning our bodies,Impeccably poutingAnd competitively posing beforeThe ever watchful lensOf the onlooking world,Casting our complicated selvesInto […]

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Education as a distraction

High rates of unemployment, Un-evolved educational systems And small imaginations on the part of our leadership Has created a strange phenomenon amongst our generation; Where we find ourselves pursuing further education we don’t need for no other reason Than that we don’t have much else to do. No job. So more school. Could it be […]

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