What are you looking for on the internet?

Omnipresence?No matter how good the interfaceYou can still only ever beFully in one place at a time.Omnipotence?While the digital age has made usMore powerful than any previous generationThere are still glaring limitsTo our humanity.Omniscience?There are some things you cannotCome to knowBy simply Googling themRegardless how hard you search.Distraction?Delight?Escape?Many of us have found a world onlineThat […]

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Baseline of Civility

When we disagreeIs everything now in question?Are we just one conversation awayFrom being sworn enemies?One false stepFrom being cancelled?Perhaps one of the greatest disappointmentsOf modern lifeAnd life on the internet,Is that while we can nowRub up against a mind-numbinglyVast number of peopleThat we would have never encounteredOutside of the Internet,We are alsoRemarkably willingTo throw in […]

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The right to be forgotten

The Internet threatens to haveAn eternal memory.Who we were this year onlineWill be there in endless continuumBlazoned in pixelsUntil kingdom come,Unless some dramatic eventSomehow causes non-routine erasure of our data.The algorithms project our futureBy mirroring our past choices back to usBut humans are not linear,We face incredible setbacksWe make breathtaking comebacksAnd are constantly evolvingAs we […]

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Role Play

What happens  When our virtual lives Come to play in the real world? Can they? Is it possible  For the content we’ve consumed And the contributions we’ve made online  To nudge us to becoming a people  With temperaments that are better suited  For the Internet  Than actual reality?  We live as double agents One foot […]

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Working in the dark

If no one reads your writingWould you have wasted your words?If no one else hears your angelic voiceWill you have squandered your talent?If you keep the best parts of your life to yourselfAre you depriving the world?Or yourself?Does the work only matterIf someone else sees it?Does life itself only countIf it is visible to others?Yes […]

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The Internet is a Verb

The Internet is a Verb More than just a collection of websites, It is a digital manifestation of who we are, Our greatest contributions And our darkest depravity. To be online is to dance with others Appreciating the moves of another And making moves of our own too, Using it as a tool for our […]

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Do you have to agree with everything That ‘everyone else’ calls progress? Are questions asked, the same as Fists raised? Is there room for doubt? Are the only options available the ‘true believers’ And ‘the enemy’? Do differences of opinion Translate to utter incompatibility? Do we want to live in a world of toxic peace […]

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Create before you consume

With so much on displaySo much content on demandWe can spend the rest of our livesJust consuming it all.But there are things only we can makeThat still need to be made:ProposalsSunday dinners,Scary phone callsSide hustles and passion projects.Families. Anyone can eat.But there are things that youAnd you only can make. Make space for your art. […]

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Social Window

There are those daysWhen some of us find ourselvesIntensely eyeballing the screens in our handsTo peer at the work of others,With an eye of comparison.Feeding insecurityWith every swipe up.Was contentment always this hard?Doing the work has never been easyAnd on those days its harder when we seeHow well we could be doing.The feeling grows even […]

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