On believing in people

People need to be believed in.There’s nothing quite likeThe belief of anotherTo prop you upWhen your own track recordDoesn’t lend you the strength you needTo stand up straight.Sometimes we riseSimply because others believeWe can.Indeed it is not only the promising onesThat need it,But especiallyThe misfits, the late bloomersAnd the ones who’s names no one seems […]


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Words for the grieving.

There are few.Few that will suffice.Few that will offer true solace.Words cannot fill a voidThat a person once did.They will always be inadequateAlways less than what a bewildered heartNeeds.So if you find yourselfIn the presence of the grievingAnd on the verge of mounting intoA monologue regarding the nature of lifeAnd death,Keep in viewThe limits of […]

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