Suck. They congeal slowly. The original sin Gets buried under layers of Consequent cold shoulders And dirty looks Until we’re left holding onto something That’s difficult to define. Its unfortunate that even When we are being reminded daily Of the fragility of the human condition We still hold onto grudges As though they were prized […]

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Hard on all of us

What is it about collective struggle That draws us together? Maybe that we see firsthand That everyone’s blood bleeds red That others aren’t impervious to pain That our struggles don’t make us less than That while fortune invariably seems to be so selective, Suffering, ultimately, is not. Knowing that the pandemic affected us all Albeit […]

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Inverse opportunity

Your loneliness is an opportunity To find your place of belonging in Him. Your pain is an occasion to find the Comfort your heart always needed. Your losses in this life are your chance to recount That your greatest gains have already been guaranteed. Eternal.Immovable. The Object of our hope Is One who endured the […]

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Of Suffering

So much of our faith was penned in the midst of suffering So many tenets of our beliefs crafted in the midst of pain. Think of Abraham and Sarah who found God’s promises in the midst of childlessness Joseph who was sold into slavery and served Him in the depth of a foreign prison Imagine […]

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