Mystery Box

The room we leave in our hearts for the Omniscient One.A dedicated space for the pain we will never understand,Where perplexity goes to lie-The resting place of despair.The mystery box isAn acknowlement of our limits of knowing-Surrender of our rights for clarity;Heavy leaning on Sovereignty.Trusting that the Good Shepherd holds all our daysWith all they […]

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Tiny impressions

Listen well to the quiet whispersOf the backwaters of the soul,The evasive undertones of a melody yet to be sungThe teasing phrases of unwritten scriptsThe seed of a great enterprise yet to be launchedThe inkling that she might be one-Lie mysteriouslyIn the depths of our consciousnessWaiting to be taken a hold ofAnd held fast for […]

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Borrowed hope

When your legs won’t lift anymoreAnd your heart grows weary of leapingWhen your wallet runs emptyAnd your hunger threatens to consume youWhen your faults grab you by the noseAnd demand compensationWhen motivation distances itself from youAnd the will to go on becomes increasingly foreignWhen you find you do not haveThe internal resourcesTo keep up the […]

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More than yesterday

This journey with GodIs not a walk towardsIncreasing independenceAs though He were a teacherWho is expectant that one dayI’ll graduate to a lifeWithout need of Him.In HimThere is no coming of age,No handling of my businessApart from Him,No upgrade to self-sufficiencyTo a life embedded in the self-will.To walk with the FatherIs to know you are […]

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Being a son

Starts with rememberingThat you didn’t bring yourselfInto this world,That you were thought of by anotherYears before you had the capacityTo have any thoughts about your own existence.You were spoken for,And given a name to be known byA people to belong toAn identity to reside in-Gifts that can be embraced or despisedBut that are inseparable from […]

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