Filling cups

There came a generationThat was no longer lookingFor signs and wonders,No longer sought holy men who’d seenThe face of God,Nor a guiding starThat might lead them yonder-No.These were self-directed onesWho made their own miracles,Customized their own reality-Filled their own cups.The trouble with beingA self-worshiping generationIs that our cupsNever quite run over,And the feasts we make […]

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There is a LoverWho didn’t just claimHe’d die for you-He actually did.There are armsThat can hold not just your bodyBut the very pieces of your soul together,There are WordsThat when spoken don’t justMake your ears tingleOr your stomah flutterBut can remind your broken heartWhere home really isWhile holding the very fabric of reality in place.Every […]

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Staying for the right reasons

It is not wiseNor is it sustainableTo endure difficult thingsOut of guilt,Or obligation.Life is complicated,Confusing at timesConvoluted.It’s one thing to want to be somewhereBecause its the best you’ve encounteredAnd have no real reason to complain,Quite another when you areAgonizing,Suffering to do the right thing.Jesus sweated bloodWhen faced with the prospectOf what it would takeTo love […]

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Craving for ‘more’

Having a mouth full of foodAnd yet craving for moreIs not only gluttonyBut a failure to appreciate the goodness that is available to you.The children of Israel were living throughThe greatest miracle of their lives:The very Creator of the UniverseWas walking with themPlundering their enemiesParting seas on their behalfAnd feeding them the very bread of […]

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Pressure to ‘get it right’

If by ‘getting it right’You mean creating something that cannot be improvedOr controlling events outside your current jurisdictionOr doing work that attracts no criticismThen the pressure is unwarranted.What good is ‘getting it right’If you are not able to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor?There is an eye that is almost always dissatisfiedA thirst for […]

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For He satisfies the longing soul, And fills the hungry soul with goodness. Psalm 107:9 NKJV I am a man of deep yearnings, My heart pines for approval And grovels for attention Constantly seeking, consistently disappointed. For the muscular arms of education and career have not been wide enough to hem me in, Nor the […]

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