The promise of change

Is often more potentThan change itself.Those that promise us thingsCan hold significant power over usAs we wait with baited breathFor the unseen future on the horizon-Will this really change our lives?What will it be like in the promised land?Is this what we’ve been waiting for all along?Promises are often more potent than final productsBecause they […]


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Its hard to knowWhat a human being deserves.The sun rises on all of usEven on days whenWe’re not our best selves.Anyone who’s ever ‘made it’Will tell youAbout how ‘getting lucky’Is as much a part of the outcomeAs doing the necessary toTo capitalize on said luck.We are not self madeNor are we mere products of nature-We […]

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On taking responsibility

Far from being a ball and chainOwning up is libertyFreedomFreedom to determine next stepsFreedom to make an assertionTo make a judgement callTo make things right.Responsibility means raising your handTo be the one to callNo matter how things turn outFor better or for worse.Hiding from it only meansSomeone else will finish the story on your behalfAnd […]

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Hard Hands. Soft Hearts

In the end, this is what we hope for.Hard hands.To have used our strengthTo contend for the weakAnd make war againstThe darkness within and without,Spending ourselvesOn the things that matter mostAnd bearing the scarsOf holding on to hope.Soft hearts.In a world where discord is too easy-To have chosen the way of love,In the face of […]

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Is blinding.It is short sighted.It is easy to complain about something not being as you need it to be.But the question of personal responsibility never leaves youYou have a responsibility to honor God with your lifeTo love others,Regardless.Respect yourself,Regardless.No matter how dark the days may getThe things you are responsible for, remain that way.And rather […]

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You Only Get Today OnceUnlike YOLOThis is not an endorsement of a scarcity mindsetAs though we should behave as though this moment is all that we have.It’s not.We have a historyAnd God willing we have a future,And today is an opportunity to tip the arcThat connects our past and our future in a particular direction.The […]

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