On making peace

Beef really isn’t all that tasty.Especially if its been cooked too long.It doesn’t digest wellIt clogs things upAnd the smell tends to linger.There are no complimentsTo offer the chef.Whatever it is we imagine we gainFrom having it consistently on our plateIs dwarfed by the realities of aMalnourished soul.Beef really isn’t all that tasty.Make peace. Seek […]


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Come before winter

Before your heart gets too hardBefore your soul shrinks to fit today‚Äôs worriesBefore you become like the ones you criticiseBefore self-pity morphs into tyranny.The human condition tends towards entropy:Freedom fighters become oppressorsLovers fade into strangersSelf-interest gets the better of usBeing in survival mode for too longEnds up working against usAnd the very hand we once […]

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Why can’t we avenge ourselves?

Because God is the only truly objective OneHe is the only sinless One who can appropriately administer justiceBecause vengeance will consume youYou are not well equipped to directly handle the flameNor the blade that is needed to deal with sinYou will burn your hand and slit your own wristsIn your attempts to get evenLeaving it […]

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Making right

There is nothing quite like making right with someone you care about, Ending a cold war of Leaving important things unsaid Withholding affection and Convincing ourself that you don’t need that person in your life, Promising yourself to not let down your pride Until they let down theirs. It can really be exhausting to keep […]

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