Savior Complex

Many of us in the helping professions Thrive on the feeling of being needed by others. It allows us to feel important and significant And that our lives will have counted for something. It is also a great reservoir for a self-inflated view of ourselves to fester. Having spent so much time helping others It […]


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Ready to talk

When someone is mad at you Or you are mad at them, It sometimes helps to remember that There is more to your relationship than the offending event(s) That seem to taint everything the other person does. That there is something worth fighting for Because if there wasn’t – you wouldn’t be mad. So once […]

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Racing to our knees

There is a journey towards truth, Available to all Where the destination is not building a castle of fame Where we might hide and find a precarious identity, Making a god of our achievements And enslaving our hearts to applause and pomp. No. This is a different race, Where rather than accumulating accolades We are […]

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Flailing wildly

No one expects you to be good at swimming if you haven’t spent much time in water before. Most of us will struggle before we get ┬áinto the zone of confidence And even when we are there, the ocean is unpredictable and will always be beyond our complete control. So there’s no point trying to […]

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Needing to be right

The thing with needing to be right Is that i desperately need someone (else) to be wrong. I need my opinion to become the facts And for you to acknowledge that. I need you to appreciate me for the genius that i am For you to stroke my ego. Regularly. I need you to not […]

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