Our obligations

Include loving our neighborTaking care of the planetAnd making something of our lives.We are not obligatedTo the anger our racial group or gender carriesTo the assumptions of scarcity of peopleWho went before usAnd definitely not to the nagging voice in your headKeeping score of all the injustices (real or perceived)That have been done to you.We […]


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A few minutes of pride

Can multiply discord In ways so shocking  They can numb you to silence  By their resulting  magnitude.  When you lose sight of your own flaws Because of the shortcomings of others You thrust yourself into  A house of illusions  Where your wounds deserve to be licked No matter the blows on others you inflict. 

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Despite their best effortsOf endless wedding planning,Repeated head countsAnd scrupulous budgets-Reality had outdone them.At the worst possible momentThey found themselvesLacking,In need of a miracle.The jars of wineThat were once overflowingHad now run dry.So Mother MaryMade a request of Jesus,One that would set in motionA public lifeThat would lead to a public deathAnd ultimately a greater […]

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Other people’s pride

Is not an occasionFor your own.Not much goodHas ever come from two stubborn peopleEach being well aware of the need forReconciliationBut each saying to the other‘’You first’’.Humility hurts only for a momentFor once pride has been swallowedIt almost invariably gives wayTo a kind of freedomLightness of heartAnd purity of spiritThat comes from not letting the […]

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Backing vocals

Restraint is underrated.Knowing that you haveThe vocal rangeTo dominate a roomAnd yet choosing not toSays a whole lot more aboutYour personhoodThan your musicianship.Mighty is the manWho is not mastered by his talentsNor mesmerizedBy his own possibilities,For his ear is far more pleasedWith collective harmonyThan personal gloryAnd he sees it as no abuseOf his own stationTo […]

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“I’ll do it alone”

Said the womanBefore she threw herselfOff a jagged cliffOf rugged self determination-Pioneering a new wayDoesn’t mean walking alone,The path may be unbeatenBut it doesn’t have to be lonely.And just because no oneUnderstands what you’re trying to doDoesn’t mean you should stop tryingTo find your tribe,Not everyone’s gonna get itThe first few times around.Yes, it often […]

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Getting to great

Wonderful thingsDon’t materializeIn our soulsOvernight.Character requires thatThat life itself happens to us Before it coalesces.Life demands livingFirsthand,Not vicariously through a bookAnd not on the fence, observing others-No safe zones Where the minutes don’t matter. We cannot liveAnyone else’ lifeNo matter how hard we try.Our greatnessWill come along the wayOn the path of the mundane In […]

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We have never known for certain What a future moment will hold. Our estimates have been good. Calculations fairly accurate. But we have never known for sure. The unborn child The business plan The video before it’s posted We never know for sure the outcome. If this year has done anything It’s made it clear […]

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Maybe they should keep us poor To keep us ‘humble’. Not too poor that we lack food to eat and rise up in desperation But poor enough to be grateful for our scraps And silent in our sufferings. Some of us choose to be meek Because the world could not handle our confidence And could […]

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Good Fit

It’s possible that the people you work with really are the problem. That the ‘system’ really is not in your favor The color of your skin, your biology and your zip code are all putting you At a disadvantage. Basically, not a good fit. But it’s also possible that your tendency to isolate yourself, Your […]

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