Is a free choice.And since the choiceIs freeIt can be made at any point.It is not reservedFor those that have excessOr who have a track recordOf selflessness,Not only for chronic do-goodersWith bleeding-heart charity,It is not a function reserved forPhilanthropistsNor for people with‘Nice life problems.’More than money,Generosity is a choice.A posture of heartAn open handed perspectiveA […]


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Why we raise our hands

Why volunteer? Some of us raise our hands Because we believe in a cause, Having stumbled across something noble We decide, despite the odds, To throw ourselves into it Headlong. Others of us raise our hands Because the alternatives Are so hard to sit with, So hard to reconcile, So hard to untangle the knots […]

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Expecting thank you’s

When helping others in need It’s important to think about how you are going to deal With non-appreciative people, Or people taking advantage of your charity. It’s often all too easy to mitigate your efforts Based on how grateful the people seem to be As though the end goal your our generosity is somehow changed […]

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