On hype

Sometimes the hype is NOT overrated.Human excitement is not worthless,Enthusiasm is priceless andMotivation can be borrowedFor we don’t always have it in us.Vibes aren’t a flaw of modernity-They are an essential life forceThat drives many of us along.The often-scorned energy of a crowdMay not be enough to sustain usAnd indeed group-think has the the power […]

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There is nothing sophisticatedAbout expecting little from Africans.Nothing particularly imaginativeAbout reinforcing the worst stereotypesIt is great folly to imagine you’re getting any largerWhen you’re really just making others smaller.Afro-pessimismIs the phenomenon of associating blacknessWith inherent inferiority,Almost gleefully grasping at the tiniestBits of evidence to supportA damning story line.Furthermore,Such defamation can be perpetratedBy anyoneIncluding Africans themselves-Indeed […]

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Happiness is…

Being at home with a person you care about. Being told “Yes” when it really matters. Being glad that you said “Yes”. Finding money in a random pocket. Giving money away. When you work things out with your person after a fight. Receiving a genuine apology. That light unforced touch that says “You matter”. Sharing […]

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