Is not discouraged enough. With so many images on our news feed Of other people living their best lives; Reaping harvests and claiming awards, Its easy to excuse each other For feeling like good things Don’t come to those who wait. Patience may be out of fashion But it’s definitely not obsolete. Patience is not […]

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How much evidence do you need that is contrary to what you currently believe For you to change your mind? There’s a difference between not having enough proof To support a claim And choosing not to acknowledge what’s right in front of you. How much good does a man have to do To prove that […]

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Setbacks. Things not going according to “plan”. We often hold all too dearly to the timetables that we set for ourselves As we sometimes fail to meet our own expectations or the standards set by our peers. Though it’s no fun missing a flight, repeating a year of school, growing up with a learning disability […]

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