Future Happiness

University at eighteenStraight As but with a social lifeDream job straight outta schoolMarried by thirtyFirst home within a year of thatHolidays in distant placesFriends in high placesPerfect kidsThe best schoolsEarly retirement-Fill in the blanksWith your recipe for yourFuture happiness.The future is elusive by natureAnd it’s hard enough to perfectly predict the weatherLet alone future bliss.The […]

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Opportunities for mediocrity

Are endless. Ubiquitous. Almost inevitable. Where we leave our heart At the door And occupy the least demanding seat In the room. No raising of hands No attempts to do better- Nothing too costly. Plenty rolling of eyes Plenty defence of the status quo Especially if it’s convenient For ourselves. For now. The chance to […]

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Constellation of Opportunity

Big breaksAren’t always what they seem.Some of our dreamsTook us away from our rootsAnd now the soil that raised usFeels strange.DisappointmentsAren’t always as devastatingAs they feel,Our scars remind us ofLife’s fragility.We do not liveIn linear sequence,Advancing from stageTo stageIn rapid succession,One calculated moveAfter another.We live in aConstellation of Opportunity,The winsAnd lossesAnd the days when nothing […]

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Fortune favors the brave?

It depends on what you mean byBravery.If you mean throwing caution to the windMaking self-gratifying yet shortsighted decisionsInflating benefits and downplaying risks,Telling blatant lies to get aheadWielding privilege like weapon-The world may reward this behaviorBut it certainly isn’t brave.Swallowing your pride and saying sorry first,Relentlessly choosing to be generousWhen chances are high you’ll be misunderstood,Taking […]

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On being ‘taken for a ride’

What constitutes being taken advantage of? Is it any interaction you have with others Where you don’t come out on top? Any situation where you give More than you receive? When someone doesn’t say “thank you” ? When people don’t behave as you expect them to? Or perhaps any situation that leaves you exhausted? If […]

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Forward motion

There’s something about deciding to changeThat feels ridiculous.As though we owe a debt to our former selvesThat must be repaid by making the same choicesOver and over.Walking away from addictionStarting to save moneySitting down to actually studyPicking up your pen againPutting on running shoes for the first time in monthsChoosing to forgiveSwallowing prideOpening yourself up […]

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No refunds

We will not always get the chance toShow upOr be generousOr have something to contribute to the zeitgeistAnd whatever we do doWith our daysThe time will be spent regardlessWith no possibility of a refund.Events of todayAre fast becoming memories,Moments in our historyThat we will be unable to return toImprove uponOr make exchanges for –Make it […]

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Today’s mix

Is specific.Depending on:The weatherHow (or if) you slept last night.The last meal you had and when you had it.How you feel about yourself todayHow you feel about the world todayHow you feel about your lot in life today.However these things fall todayChances are they will not fall the same way tomorrow.Today’s chances,DisappointmentsStagnanciesFortunate encountersAnd good breaks […]

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The market always wins

Sure, But if it wins at our expense should we keep letting it? If the market wins and leaves millions vulnerable What kind of win is that? If the so called market forces supplant human thriving What exactly are we winning? If the market always wins It implies that something else always loses. Systems are […]

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In our times

In the last twenty years With the rise of the internet Many things have become possible That weren’t always- Suddenly we could hold hands with people We have never met in person And experiences places our feet may never tread. Yet what we have found Is that with the waves of possibility Come floods of […]

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