The Almighty Dollar

Hail hail. All glory be To the Almighty Dollar That validates me. Nothing can keep a soul chasing  Or a heart pining Quite like money.  What else can elevate you to the stars  When you possess it  And leave you for dead in the dumps  In its absence? Is there a more potent drink known […]

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Church as a casino

What happens when consumerism comes to church?When our pews start feeling an awful lot likeSeats in front of a slot machine?When our ministers morph into celebritiesEntertaining us from a heavy stage-A stage laden with the gold of the earnest giverAnd the trust of thousands-Trust that will inevitably be broken?The church is not a casino.It is […]

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Hands that grasp

Are rarely full.Always wanting moreYet never making room,Forcing their way to the frontYet somehow still falling behind,Demanding to be heardWhile taking for granted those who listen.Yes, hands that graspAre never full,Because good things easily slipOut of wrongful handsEither by fateOr by simply not being the kind of personWho can handleGood thingsWhen they come.

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Substitute Saviors

Her armsTheir applauseThe caress of my ego.There are many many placesMy heart tends to run toIn search of salvationAnd it comes up empty every time.Surely if I was going to save myselfI would have done so by now. Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to […]

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Despite their best effortsOf endless wedding planning,Repeated head countsAnd scrupulous budgets-Reality had outdone them.At the worst possible momentThey found themselvesLacking,In need of a miracle.The jars of wineThat were once overflowingHad now run dry.So Mother MaryMade a request of Jesus,One that would set in motionA public lifeThat would lead to a public deathAnd ultimately a greater […]

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The stuff we do for free

Showing up early.Forgiving quickly.Apologizing first.Offering to help.Refusing to take advantage.Opening doors for others.Giving the benefit of the doubt.Overlooking the pettiness of others.Listening to a rant.Repeating yourself without getting annoyed.Saying ‘Thank you.’In a world whereNothing is for mahala*Where almost every interactionIs making someone, somewhereA lot of money,Its worth taking the timeTo note the stuff we do […]

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Financial Decoupling

Money is rarely just money.Its relationship to our identityIs one few of us can openly admitBut one we all feel intimately.All this talk of financial securityDoesn’t account for the phenomenon whereWhile we are on our wayTo securing the bagThe bag itself has secured us,Binding us to itself until weAlmost solely base our existenceOn moneyAnd the […]

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Stinky Foot

The only problem with “Living our best lives” Is that we don’t live them Every day. We speak a lot about Positioning ourselves With our best foot forward As though that foot Is the only one we have, As though some days Aren’t dark Some nights- Too long, Some choices made- Unfortunate. None of us […]

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My Bread is buttered in Heaven

And not on earthWith the miserly.My hand does not look toThe employer who paysOr the consumer whoConsumesNor the stock that multiplies,But to the God who has keptAll living thingsAliveFor millennia.My bread is buttered in heaven,I do not need to stealLieCheatManipulateOr weaselFor provision.My Father knows wellHow to take care of me.

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You are not God

That really should go without saying And yet it needs to be said. We cannot be everywhere at once, Regardless of of how good virtual reality becomes There will always be something somewhere we are missing out on We will never be Omnipresent. We have more tools to plan and project Than ever before And […]

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