On believing in people

People need to be believed in.There’s nothing quite likeThe belief of anotherTo prop you upWhen your own track recordDoesn’t lend you the strength you needTo stand up straight.Sometimes we riseSimply because others believeWe can.Indeed it is not only the promising onesThat need it,But especiallyThe misfits, the late bloomersAnd the ones who’s names no one seems […]

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The trouble with validation

Is how passive it is.How easily it allows you to ignore the green lightsYour Creator already gave you.How at the core of it, its a lack of beliefThat you are here for a reason.For some of us, it means giving someoneWho can’t even spell your nameThe right to tell you who you are.Awaiting validation is […]

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If your idea of grooming the next generation Involves making them suffer as much as you did Then I would argue that you have failed to learn the true lesson of your own struggles and placed yourself squarely as an obstacle of the future. For those with such mentorship plans in mind, brace yourselves for […]

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