Your most honest story

Often isn’t the oneYou most want to tellAnd its hard to knowIf others are ready to hear it.You aren’t always the protagonistin your own story-You can’t always beOn the right side of the argument-Sometimes your bias showsMore than you’d likeAnd often you simply just don’t knowWhat the heck is going on-All you have is your […]


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The Overview Effect

Things often look better (or terribly worse)From a distance.The view from 10, 000 feetCan blur the harsh edgesOf daily life.There are few people’s experiencesWe will ever know intimately enoughTo savour the nuance of theirComplicated relationships,Controversial decisions orConvoluted life trajectories.No matter how much news we consumeOr how many Instagram pages we followWe may just get the […]

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Headlines up close

Most of us will never make the news.Whether for disaster or delightThe news remains somethingOn the other side of town,One step removed.But when a virus we first saw on TVEighteen months agoMade its way into our neighborhoodsInto our householdsAnd then all the way into our lungs,Those once distant headlinesLoomed large,Large enough to revealThat humanity is […]

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It isn’t the media

That makes us insecure It’s the disapproving voice inside our own heads, That finds affirmation in the media we consume. When it comes to our own sense of inadequacy Our own internal dialogue is far more Potent than any piece of content created. It isn’t the media that divides us. How easy it is to […]

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News Story

A hundred years ago Most people had no idea about what was going on On the other side of the globe, No Google to get instant facts, no easy travel and serious barriers of war and natural hazards. And we imagine that people back then knew so little about their world. All they had were […]

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