In real life aren’t like the movies.Often you may be the only oneWho notices the changeIn the posture of your heartThe new track in your train of thoughtFresh streak of confidence in your stride.It may take a whileFor the rest of us to seeThe person you are becomingFor many a great masterpieceWas faithfully forged in […]


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Wounded healers

Are the best ones.They have no tower to hide behind,No self-assured fluff to garnish their egoAnd very scarcely behave as thoughYour afflictions are greater than theirs ever were.Their wounds no longer oozeBut the scars are unmissable-Their hands may have been roughened by hardshipBut their hearts were somehow made softer.Their healing balm does not come fromClaiming […]

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On micro-management

Its a little bit ridiculousIf you think long and hard about it:ImagineShowing up to workSo that you can make sure others workCertain that the people you work withGot out of bedCleaned themselves upCommuted to your building (or logged onto Teams)As fairly responsible adultsBut once they enteredSuddenly became children needing a chaperone?What is it exactlyAbout the […]

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Leaving room for disagreement

Isn’t the sameAs not having confidence in your position,Its recognizingThat the world is bigger than youAnd has people in it that may haveBetter and brighter ideasThan your own.The quintessential leaderWho always looks like they are in the knowAnd scorns at even the shadow of a doubtMay get our early supportBut if they can’t make roomFor […]

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‘It’s complicated’

Complication is an easy place to hide.Its tempting to sit on the fenceWhen there aren’t any neon lightsFlashing the obvious answer.Waiting for feelings of certaintyBefore making a move,Shooting down ideasBecause of their infancy,Sighing because realityIs real.Being undecidedDoesn’t stem from muddy circumstancesAs much as it does from cloudy perspectives:Unrealistic expectations,Excessive self-criticism,The need to be in control […]

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Uncapped dreams

Some of us are living lives today  That were impossible  Not so long ago. Race and geography, Though still a ways to go,  Are not as definitively limiting  As they once were. And so some of us  Are becoming privileged insiders Of worlds that didn’t have us in mind  At their inception.  The question now […]

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Persuasion vs. Clarity

Perhaps the responsibility of persuasion Is too great a weight to place upon yourself. Yours is not to cajole or manipulate  Or contort yourself for  Others to believe you  Or take you seriously.  But rather yours is to  Do the work necessary  To make your words clear- And then leave it with your audience  To […]

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Freirean Physics

The task of humanising the worldIs uncomfortable.Unsettling by natureDisruptive by design.Freirean physics Is counterintuitive. It is the science of innovationThat recognises that to truly changeThe order of things We must first be changed ourselves,Interrogating our own hearts Upending our own way of being human,Finding kinship with our enemy.It turns out that The true tools of freedomAre actually found with the […]

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Good Leaders

Are kind.They have figured outHow to get stuff doneWithout emotionally dismemberingThe people they’re doing stuff with.They know that half the task of leadershipIs to create a culture of human flourishingFor the humans they are responsible for.It is not superstars we lack;High performing individualsWho can dazzle and amaze,Pulling off exploitsThat few will ever even attempt.No,What we […]

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False Starts

Sometimes its not that you hadn’t preparedOr failed to count the cost,Its that you were too certainThat it would work,Too dismissive of the prospect of failure.Its not that you didn’t careIts that you hadn’t anticipatedThat your heart would move onThat your priorities would change.False startsAren’t indications of a fickle characterA weak willOr a deceptive intention,But […]

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